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AC power outlet and the other ordinary outlet distinction

Date:[2016-11-05] Hits:

AC AC outlet is AC, and ordinary DC, AC power outlet, whether in the home or in the industry are widely used in power supply, size and weight, and other aspects of the existence of an advantage than the ordinary outlet , Which represents the direction of development of power supply.

AC power socket life ≥ 1 million times, the temperature range of -40 ~ +85 ℃, the electric strength ≥ 2000V, the general AC will be marked 250V10A, marking the maximum allowable voltage of 250V, 10A current in the practical application of voltage and current values are It is best not to exceed the value, so as to avoid fire and other hazards.


AC power socket used in household appliances, electrical fields, warmly remind consumers to buy AC power outlet, please do not seek cheap, need to go to some good evaluation of manufacturers to buy, qualified socket manufacturers and product information on the packaging is complete, if the packaging simple , Missing the most basic manufacturers and product information, production date is fuzzy, this is substandard sockets, do not buy.