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A brief introduction to the knowledge of pushbutton switches

Date:[2016-11-05] Hits:

A push-button switch is used to push the transmission mechanism by the push button, to make the movable contact point and the static contact point turn on or off, and to realize the switch of circuit interchange. The operation switch is operated by pressing or pulling the operation part in the axial direction. The complex variety of switches, complex level, simple single-pole single-throw, complex, including lighting and logo display, a number of units and a variety of locking status, to facilitate dark or night operation instructions, and switch and indicator Dual function, and with a variety of color instructions.

Button switches and our lives are closely related, such as audio and video products, digital products and remote control, which are using it, and its many different types of structure can be divided into self-locking, self-resetting, rotary handle, mushroom head, with indicator , With a lamp symbol and the key is so.


Button switch can be completed start, stop, forward and reverse, speed and interlocking and other basic control, according to the operation, protection methods, select the time to buy according to their needs.