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Do you know about the ship type switch?

Date:[2016-10-24] Hits:

It is widely used in water dispenser, treadmill, computer speaker, battery car, motorcycle, ion TV, coffee pot, row inserting, massage machine, etc., and the ship shape is stable and user-friendly. Switch, also known as the waveform switch, its structure and the same button switch, but the handle knob into the ship.

The switch contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw, through the "delay OFF function" to provide protection to prevent forced power cut off the data loss and circuit damage and other equipment failure.


Because of the different types of push-button switches, the withstand capacity of electric load is very different, generally used in switchgear, switchgear, switchgear, switchgear and so on, Console, control panel on the panel.