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Some of the knowledge about relay sockets

Date:[2016-11-05] Hits:

How to determine the relay socket is good? Can be used with an electrical outlet in the case of electricity with electric pen measured when the line is not bright red line when the socket is good, it is used in automated control circuit, the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, security Protection, conversion circuit and so on.

The connection of the power supply of the household appliance, the temporary power supply of the portable electric appliance are useful to the relay socket, it is the equipment used to connect and disconnect the circuit, it is a kind of socket to save the electricity consumption.


In the life or the production activity, the plug and the relay outlet must match, can guarantee the electricity security, therefore if does not match, may cause the hypothesized connection easily to produce the high heat, easy to fire and electric shock accident, therefore needs your other equipment and relay socket